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Met up with Keegan at the beautiful George George Park in Clinton Township a few weeks ago and had a blast. Keegan plays baseball at Warren Tower and I was pretty happy he brought along his varsity jacket and mitt. I am always so happy when my graduates get to make their session their own! Enjoy these images we created together and lets make summer last a bit longer 😉


Friday evening I had a total blast with this family of 4! We played and enjoyed some jelly beans and then at the end, we had some fun with some bubbles! This was a new location for me and I already have plans to get back soon! I loved all its options for different shots, all with in a tiny walk (okay, and a lot of steps – but Zoe had the most perfect spot for a picture! It did not disappoint!).

When I sent over a few sneak peeks, Jessica said in an Instagram post: “Ill be happily starting at this forever after” – and those words make everything worth it. Knowing that my images are not only well received but as meaningful as I intend them to be. That is what keeps me going!

I hope you enjoy these favorite images of mine!



I could make a list of my favorite songs that mention rain. It would be long. So Ill just mention my top favorite: Banana Pancakes / Jack Johnson. I love rain the same reason that song writers and authors love rain. It is wholeheartedly romantic. Sure it can ruin a picnic or even a good hair day, but there is not much better than a rainy afternoon spent snuggled on the couch watching your favorite movie or TV show. Something about the smell and the sound of it on the window that encourages naps and hot cider make it a quick favorite in my book.

This session was rainy, if you couldn’t already tell by the opening image or my words. It was rainy and we did not let it stop us this time. We had it originally scheduled a week previous but canceled – ironically due to rain. This time Patrick grabbed my clear umbrellas from the car and we made the most of it. Flavia and Mac were absolute rockstars and I could tell by their constant smiles that they were having just as much fun as I was! Even though we were getting soaked.

Our first few moments out in this amazing field that they chose were spent with me squealing about the sun peeking out that I almost forgot to look in the opposite direction where there was a double rainbow. Two for the price of one! It was absolutely incredible.

This entire session was full of laughs and kisses and we went home with giant smiles on our faces. I can not wait for their November wedding. I know what ever the day brings, they will take it in stride!


I am so excited to finally share this session with you all! 

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to capture snapshots of moments in people’s lives. I look back at old photos from when I was a kid and I could tell you everything about that day just from looking at the picture. I especially love the photos my grandpa would take when we would visit them up north. 

This One Big Happy session was extra special to me because I got to take pictures of some of my grandpa and grandma’s favorite people from their years living up north, the Tibbits family. I’ve known this family for most of my life now and it was so cool to get to see them again with their kids. And it was even cooler to get to be there for the moment when Danielle & Jason told the rest of the family that they were expecting their third child! I especially will never forget the looks on everyones faces as they were registering what they just heard! 
Thank you all for letting me be part of this fun day and getting to capture this exciting moment in your lives! I am looking forward to doing many more of these kinds of sessions, the more the merrier! 

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I am very excited to FINALLY share more photos from this perfect session with my sister and her family. This is the best way to spend a Sunday evening, if you ask me! I can not get over how 100% photogenic these humans are or how they are actually related to me! I love getting to watch these sweet girls grow up and I love being able to document it.

Maggie is just so gorgeous and she is only 3 months old.

Enjoy the sunshine of this session and hold on to it to last until February when we forget what that summer sunshine feels like on our shoulders.